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Hi friends....
We basically made this page so that everyone could know how and what to read so that their spoken and written english could become better.
Here, you will get all the tips given by our english teacher.

First of all, we want you to know why you should read.

Reading should not be for the sake of finishing a novel. Read to understand the story, to know how authors describe a situation in mere words. If you watch a Harry Potter movie, and you adore the special effects, try reading the series. It will surely give you more special effects than the movie. Great authors always have a tendancy to involve their readers in the story.

Reading helps you to learn new words. If you read classics, you will know how authors used to write in early times. Dan Brown writes thrillers which will really thrill you. J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter Series, repeats a new word in a few pages untill you learn the word by heart! 

Reading even helps you to improve your spoken english. You read a new word somewhere in a book, you intend to use it again and again while talking. 

Also, while you write, you do not need time to think for phrases and words. You will get it automatically in your brain and then in your written work.   

Harry Potter Melody
Richard Clayderman (L'amour De L'hiver)

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